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Built With Gatsby

Portfolio's need to be fast and accessible. Gatsby is one of the best new technologies available for creating static websites that are consistent and fast. Gatsby has met my goals of building a blazing fast portfolio that makes viewing my portfolio a painless experience.

What about the Content?

With the popularity of the JAMstack, Headless CMS'es have become a dime a dozen. Choosing one for my own personal needs was a difficult choice. Ultimately, I went with the popular Contentful CMS.

Why choose Contentful? For me, there were several reasons.

  1. I enjoy Contentful's web-based UI, and it works great on mobile, as well. It's a comfortable place to create content, and has great documentation. If I had a client that needed a CMS for a blog, Contentful is an obvious choice, especially since it is commonly used professionally, and is simple enough to use for non-coders.

  2. When I code a website, I use an IDE. When I want to create meaningful content for a blog or news website, I don't want to use Markdown or html. I want a nice CMS editor that makes it a breeze to create new content, and Contentful does that really well with excellent content modeling features.

  3. Popular plug-ins make using Contentful in combination with Gatsby a breeze. It is quite extensible, and fits in the Gatsby ecosystem quite well. It seemed like a natural choice, though with so many other CMS's out there to pick from, I would like to experiment more in the future.

Dan.Me Portfolio

Dan.Me is a portfolio website created with Gatsby, utilizing Typescript for type checking, and Contentful for the Headless CMS.

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