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Built With A Serious Tech Stack

For Teachery, I chose a NodeJS back-end with a powerful combination PostgreSQL with Sequelize ORM, and GraphQL to build a modern non-REST API. Account creation features full server authentication and password management, and AWS S3 upload/download capabilities for content creation.

React Front-End

Teachery is designed in React with Apollo Client for GraphQL queries to make a reactive UI that is fast and simple to navigate. Jotai is used for global state, and all theming is done with Styled Components.

For Tutors, Teachers, and Students

I set out to create a powerful way for students to interact with their teachers, via a single web app. Teachers have the ability to assign homework, upload files and monitor their students study through the app. On the student side, they may create flashcards, or practice user created sets. Students can also download and check their schoolwork, and communicate with their teachers. Flashcards and assigned tasks are fully editable, and utilizes back-end roles for different types of users.

Tech Stack:





    Apollo Server

    Apollo Client



    Styled Components

    AWS S3

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